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Brazilian and U.S. immigration attorneys serving clients worldwide from their offices in San Diego,  California, USA, and Sao Paulo Brazil.

Capp and Associates serving clients worldwide from their offices in Brazil and in the US:
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Brazilian lawyer working  with US attorney Jonathan Capp, Erika Baracchini is fluent in Portuguese and English and provides legal representation for clients of all nationalities through its office in Ribeirao Preto, São Paulo.+55 (16) 3911-2988

Erika Baracchini graduated in Law from the University of Sao Paulo -UNIP in Brazil has been a member of the Brazilian Bar Association since 2002 (OAB / SP n º 212 246).

  • Attorney at law admitted to  practice in all of the Brazilian states and before all federal courts
  • First Brazilian member of the American Association of Immigration Attorneys in the Unites States.
  • Provides representation before the Ministry of Brazilian Foreign Labor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, before Brazilian consulates and Embassies around the world, and  Brazilian immigration courts;
  • Lectured in 2010 at conference in Paris, France on Brazilian Immigration Laws.

Brazilian immigration law is a veritable minefield for the unwary and has become all the more complex due to recent law changes and the current environment. In order to be fully aware of what is required a personal consultation is essential. The difference between immigrant and nonimmigrant visas is important to understand.

In particular, recent law changes has made it more important than ever to remain in legal status when in Brazil as overstayers will be required to pay fines and are subject to deportation.

We can assist in obtaining the following visa categories, to include residency, work, and investor visas:

  • Marriage - Residency Visas
  • Work and investor visas
  • For business trips to Brazil - Business Visa -business contacts including participation in a trade / industrial show a temporary visa II will be required.
    Attention: this does not apply in case of technical support or provision of services in Brazil. In this case a
    Temporary visa V is required.  
  • Tourist visas
  • For foreign citizens stopping or passing by on the way to a third country Transit Visa;
  • Media coverage or film making – Temporary Visa II;
  • Adoption of a Brazilian child – Temporary Visa II;
  • Flight/ship crew members not holding an international crew card – Temporary Visa II – (for all other crew members a Temporary Visa V is mandatory)
  • Paid participation in athletic or performing arts events – Temporary Visa III;
  • Graduate or post-graduate academic studies in Brazil – Temporary Visa IV;
  • Media correspondent – Temporary Visa VI;
  • Religious, missionary purposes -Temporary Visa VII;
  • For residence in Brazil - Permanent Visa;
  • Scientific, technological, research under an international technical cooperation program - Temporary Visa I;
  • Professorial studies/research/ teaching and/or scientific/ technological activities at an university, research institution or similar organization - Temporary Visa I;
  • Exchange student program - Temporary Visa I;
  • unpaid internship under the umbrella of a program sponsored by a Brazilian government agency, international organization - Temporary Visa I;
  • Technical learning in the operation and/or maintenance of machinery or equipment produced in Brazil - Temporary Visa I;
  • Training in Brazil as an under 21-year old amateur athlete - Temporary Visa I;
  • Provision of services to a Brazilian government agency/organization under a contract or an international agreement -Temporary Visa V;
  • Work under a Brazilian-ruled employment contract - Temporary Visa V;
  • Technical assistance (engineers, geologists, etc) - Temporary Visa V;
  • Internship immediately following the conclusion of graduate or post-graduate studies or for the purpose of teaching English or another foreign language - Temporary Visa V;
  • Medical residence - Temporary Visa V;
  • Provision of voluntary services to a religious or social assistance entity - Temporary Visa I;

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